Thursday, June 25, 2009


True, Palm Springs may be a tad too hot this time of year. How about Calistoga? I like hot springs, and mud baths, and wine, and bubbly water.


  1. Sparkling water !

  2. We have all that, and sparkling wine, even at Schramsber! Your pictures are fantastic. You probably know you can fly directly into the Sonoma County Airport on Horizon Air - it's really easy since the airport is just 25 mins. from Calistoga. There's live music every Thursday all summer long and we have a music & wine tasting event, the Calistoga Stroll, on the first Saturday of each month (next one is Aug. 1) check out for more to do & where to stay.

  3. Thanks for the info! My trip is planned just in time for the next Calistoga Stroll... We'll have to check it out.